Joint Conference FERMA/ ECIIA on Cyber Risk Governance – 29 June, European Parliament, Brussels

Joint FERMA/ ECIIA Conference
At the junction of corporate governance and cyber security
29 June 2017 from 16:15 to 18:45
European Parliament, Room JAN 6Q1, Brussels

Kindly hosted by MEP Antanas GUOGA

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A joint working group, representing risk managers and internal auditors from 8 EU countries and  6 different economic sectors (bank, transport, defense, IT, food services and telecom) has developed recommendations for organizations on innovative ways to internally organize the management of cyber risks.

These recommendations include a cyber risk governance model between the key internal stakeholders and the Risk and Audit Committees.

The proposed model will increase cyber-resilience, define the key stakeholders and the conditions for success. Developing cyber governance principles for greater resilience is supported by the World Economic Forum, which published a report in January 2017: « Advancing Cyber Resilience: Principles and Tools for Boards ».

The aim of the conference is to present and discuss the proposed report and respond to the following fundamental question: is there a governance model that would support the resilience of the European economy in terms of effective and efficient risk management and compliance?

Although companies must remain free to organize the way they manage risk, aware that there is no « one size fits all » solution, whatever the approach taken, it is essential to embed cyber security throughout the organization from the top to the operational level.


SECURITY MEASURES AT THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT: please be aware that access to the European Parliament is subject to strict security controls. Participants must bring a valid passport/ID card with them in order to access the European Parliament.

We will ask you to provide us in advance with your ID details during the registration phase and we strongly recommend to be present at least 30 minutes before the start of the event to pass the security procedures. All information we receive from you will be treated confidentially.


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