At some point, the traditional spreadsheet just gets too big and too clumsy for the needs of risk management, says Max Hilton, Managing Director of Clarus Risk. Customized solutions can make risk analysis and risk reporting to various audiences much more effective.

The training in this class, which links to the rimap® Body of Knowledge on risk reporting – communication, coordination and report-writing, will explain how the methods used by financial risk professionals can benefit other risk managers in communicating to various stakeholders.

Says Max, “In my personal experience, risk managers (myself included) tend to look for a functional solution to a specific challenge. It is quite different to step back, and consider the problem in a general sense, such as the type of inputs and outputs – so we understand how to generate the most appropriate reports for distinct audiences, which may be finance, the risk committee, the board or external bodies. Considering analytics and reports alongside risk calculations can provide a flexible and powerful approach that is difficult to achieve from spreadsheets.”

The session will show how risk problems might be tackled in Excel or by using other techniques, and the benefits that this can provide in developing customized charts and reports. “We can begin with the concepts, describe the issues and look to develop some applications and solutions,” adds Max.


The masterclass Beyond the spreadsheet: additional methods of analyzing and communicating risk will take place from 8.00 to 9.30 on 18 October.

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Published on 06.01.17 at 08:27