Digital natives are unlike their older colleagues: selfish, always smartphone connected, demanding and obsessed with social media –or are they?  This workshop will consider the clichés and analyse what it is really like to employ Millennials – adults under 35 – from a scientific and HR perspective. And Millennials will be there to challenge these ideas.

What are the implications for risk management of this generation which will make up 50 percent of the workforce in 5 to 10 years and 75% in 2025? This workshop, will provide ideas on how you can attract and retain younger employees and work together. Research repeatedly indicates Millennials value engagement. That could be good news for risk management provided risk managers communicate clearly.

The workshop, Millennials, Generation Y…our new talents and future leaders will take place at the FERMA Forum at 16.00 on Monday 16 October.

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Published on 04.27.17 at 08:01