Risk management is the most important factor in cyber security for business, says FERMA Forum keynote speaker Jamie Shea, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for the Emerging Security Challenges Division of NATO. Companies need risk management models that assess the different types of data that they hold and focus protection on what really matters for the company’s business plan, he explains.

Shea’s talk Risk communication in times of change will explain that security organisations like NATO must work with the businesses to reduce threats from cyber space because the private sector owns and runs 90 percent of the global cyber network.

“We can benefit by an exchange of information on cyber threats. Indeed, NATO has established a malware information-sharing platform with a number of companies with which we have information-sharing agreements as part of our NATO Cyber Industry partnership.  These ensure that information can be exchanged in real time without sources or intellectual property being compromised.”

“This is an extremely timely presentation for risk managers,” says Forum programme chairman Gilbert Canaméras. “We all face challenges from cyber risks and other non-traditional threats. We can take back into our own organisations the insights we gain from this high level speaker.”

Learn more about how NATO sees the management of cyber and other non-traditional risks and how FERMA is developing cyber governance guidelines for risk managers. Join us at the FERMA Forum in Monaco from 15-18 October.

Risk communication in times of change, keynote speech by Jamie Shea, Wednesday 18 October 11.00-12.00.


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Published on 04.27.17 at 08:41