Corporate insurance buyers are looking for innovative risk solutions; capital markets are looking for new asset classes and offer enormous amounts of capacity. So far the long promised marriage between the two has not taken place, but this workshop session will describe the developments that are taking place.

Today, new structuring techniques, based on parametric triggers, and current market conditions are making it easier for companies to find capacity through insurance-linked securities for risks such as non-damage business interruption. Open source frameworks for modelling natural catastrophe events are making it possible to provide the information for structuring and pricing securities that capital markets require to accept such risks.

The purpose of the workshop discussion will be to:

  • Outline examples of structures and triggers which can be used by companies to cover their non-property damage risks;
  • Explain how to quantify and assess the benefits of such covers for the risk management strategy of corporate sponsors.

The workshop, New capital for innovative risk solutions, friend or foe will take place at the FERMA Forum at 14.00 on Tuesday 17 October. For more information on the session or speakers please click here

Published on 04.27.17 at 08:42