A window of opportunity for Europe to regain the initiative

Europe’s political landscape changing, says former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt. “How will power shift in Europe as the reality of Brexit starts to sink in?” Bildt will give his views on the subject in his keynote address to the Forum, following the panel discussion Europe at the crossroads. These sessions will give a high-level […]

Risk management in pole position

Two deaths over one weekend in a Formula 1 motor race resulted in a complete rethinking of risk management in the worldwide motor sport. Opening the FERMA Forum in the home of the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix, keynote speaker Mark Gallagher will describe how this highly competitive sport changed its approach to risk “literally overnight.” […]

Using Innovation to Promote Sustainability

Give us more innovative insurance solutions is a fairly regular request from risk managers. Tanguy Touffut, CEO of AXA Global Parametrics, and fellow panel member, Andrew Norris, ‎Senior Engineering Underwriter, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, will argue that when it comes to sustainable energy, new solutions are on the doorstep. According to the World Bank there […]

Risk management by robots for robots?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution presents enormous challenges for today’s risk managers, both to understand how their companies are changing and how their own jobs may be affected. This is why Sabrina Hartusch has given the title Fourth Industrial Revolution, a blessing or a curse, to the workshop she is leading. “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is […]