The FERMA Forum this year offers exceptional opportunities for younger risk professionals to enhance their knowledge and their careers. Risk professionals under 35 get half price registration and all these benefits:

  • A breakfast meeting for all risk professionals under 35 attending the Forum
  • Three masterclasses
  • An opportunity to take the rimap® certification examination
  • The launch of a new FERMA-Lloyd’s student programme
  • Networking with experienced risk managers from across Europe
  • Lots of useful sessions to expand knowledge of current risk issues and practical practice.

Ralph Mulder, FERMA board member responsible for this part of the Forum programme, said: “These opportunities for all young risk professionals will help them during their careers. It starts, as always, with education. Putting this together with experience and meeting new and existing contacts at the Forum will support them with day-to-day operations and personal development. As a part of FERMA, I am proud of the broad array of benefits we are offering to the young risk professional.”

Benno Reischel, Lloyd’s Head of Europe, added: “I am delighted to be launching the fourth FERMA/Lloyd’s Professional Development Programme for Risk Managers 2018/19 at the Forum in October. The Forum brings together the new generation of risk managers and the wider community of risk professionals from across Europe. That’s why this will be the perfect venue to talk about the programme, and I am looking forward to meeting the new delegates in Monaco.”

All young risk professionals attending the Forum benefit from a 50% reduction on the full registration fee:

  • Young risk managers pay 450€ instead of 900€.
  • Other young risk professionals pay 900€ instead of 1800€.
Published on 05.16.17 at 13:30