jo willaert 


FERMA President

Jo Willaert

National Association : BELRIM (Belgium)

Job Title : Corporate Risk Manager, Agfa-Gevaert



Dirk Wegener


FERMA Vice-President

Dirk Wegener

National Association : GVNW (Germany)

Job Title : Global Head Corporate Insurance, Deukona - Deutsche Bank Group





FERMA Board Member

Philippe Cotelle

National Association : AMRAE (France)

Job Title : Head of Insurance Risk Management, Airbus Defence and Space





FERMA Treasurer and Board Member

Anders Esbjörnsson

National Association : SWERMA (Sweden)

Job Title : Group Risk Manager, NCC Insurance





FERMA Board Member

Helle Friberg

National Association : DARIM (Denmark)

Job Title : Group Insurance Manager, Hempel A/S





FERMA Board Member

Charlotte Hedemark - Nielsen

National Association : DARIM (Denmark)

Job Title : Governance, Risk and Compliance Officer, SAP Nordic





FERMA Board Member

Tapio Huovinen

National Association : FINNRIMA (Finland)

Job Title : Director, Risk Management, UPM-Kymmene





FERMA Board Member

Gaëtan Lefèvre

National Association : BELRIM (Belgium)

Job Title : Group Risk & Insurance Manager, CMI




FERMA Board Member

Maria Isabel Martinez Torre-Enciso

National Association : AGERS (Spain)

Job Title : Head of the Finance and Marketing department for the Autonomous University of Madrid





FERMA Board Member

Ralph Mulder

National Association : NARIM (The Netherlands)

Job Title : Insurance & Subsidy Manager, Uniper



 Xavier mutzig

FERMA Board Member

Xavier Mutzig

National Association : AIRMIC (United Kingdom)

Job Title : Group Insurance Manager, Johnson Matthey




FERMA Board Member

Laurent Nihoul

National Association : ALRiM (Luxembourg)

Job Title : General Manager Corporate Risk & Insurance, ArcelorMittal