The 2014 FERMA Risk Management Benchmarking Survey will be “innovative in form and content,” says FERMA board member Cristina Martinez, the survey project leader.

Cristina Martinez

Cristina Martinez

The aim, she says, is to add practical and quantitative information, such as salaries, cost of insurance and loss records, to the established questions showing “what everyone is doing.”

The project group has begun its work with a request to member association presidents for their participation. Cristina has posed the question to them: What would your members like to know more about?

Each association has been asked to name a survey liaison representative by 15 September to take part in the monthly project planning and promote the survey in their country.

At the FERMA Forum starting on 29 September, the project group will meet to approve sponsors, technical experts and the final structure of the survey in English.

The principal survey will take place during the spring and the results will be announced at the FERMA Seminar in Brussels on 20 and 21 October 2014.

Cristina says: “The FERMA Survey is unique as it offers access to independent data about risk and insurance management in Europe from the most credible source: more than 800 risk and insurance professionals in Europe.”

For more information, contact Christel Jaumoulle at the FERMA