FERMA is launching the European Risk Manager Survey 2022

Risk Managers, the European survey on your profession is underway

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA), in partnership with PwC, has launched a new edition of its survey on the Risk Manager profession.
This survey will provide a better understanding of the evolving role, the stakes, and the activities of Risk Managers. Furthermore, it will help identify their priorities and will put these elements into perspective at European and national levels.
One of its kind in Europe with more than 800 expected respondents, this survey will provide a description of the Risk Manager function. The results will help you guide your future actions by using this survey as a comparison tool.
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Risk Managers, now is the time to tell us who you are!

Answer this survey to provide a description of the Risk Manager function: its profile, its missions, its interactions within the company, and its perception of and practices in insurance management. Share also your experience in regards to three key issues: the use of new technologies, the Risk Manager involvement in defining the strategy of the organization, and the Risk Management role to respond to the sustainability and digital stakes.

More information regarding the survey

The results will allow you to compare yourself with your peers at national and European levels. First highlights of the survey will be communicated with a PowerPoint presentation during a webinar in mid May 2022, and the full report in pdf format will be published in mid June 2022. It will take you approximately 15-20 minutes to answer all the questions. Your answers are strictly confidential and will be a valuable source of information to understand the evolution of the Risk Manager profession.

You can have a look at the key findings or the full report of our last European Risk Management Survey from 2020.


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