To continue with the work started in 2015, FERMA, ecoDa and AIG will organise a series of webinars in 2016 about the Risk Conversation at Board level

Time: January 29th 2016 from 10:30 to 12:00
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Building a robust corporate culture through organisational design
– central control or local empowerment?

1st Webinar BiographiesDeveloping a productive corporate culture is a key task facing large organisations:

  • Is it better to achieve this goal by imposing strong control over regional business units from head office?
  • Or should local or outsourced business entities have the power to make their own decisions and manage their own risks?
    Does a silo structure get in the way of developing a unified corporate culture, as argued in a recent book by FT journalist Gillian Tett?
  • Or is a better corporate culture created by a flat, non-hierarchical organisational framework?

Speakers will include Gilles Hilary (INSEAD), Riitta Mynttinen(Finnish board member), Carolyn Dittmeier (Chair of audit committees)

The conference will use the GoTo Webinar system, which is a Citrix based tool. Please use the below link to ensure you have the requisite level of IT system requirements:

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