ANRA – Associazione Nazionale dei Risk Manager e Responsabili Assicurazioni AziendaliThe National Association of Risk Managers and Corporate renews the board and appoints the new President and the Board of Directors

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Alessandro De Felice

Alessandro De Felice

Milan, April 16th, 2015 – Alessandro De Felice is the new President of ANRA, the association that since 1972 has been the reference point in Italy for spreading the culture of risk management and of corporate insurance. ANRA consists of Risk Officers, Risk Managers and Insurance Managers who operate in this field on a daily basis. Overall, the public and private companies to which the members belong feature a turnover of more than 600 billion euros (about 39% of the GNP). The new Board, which will remain in office for the next three years, is composed of the following members: Paolo Rubini (Telecom), Alessandro De Felice (Prysmian S.p.A e Presidente), Roberto Bosco (Fininvest Servizi e Gruppo Fininvest), Carlo Cosmi (Saipem), Claudia Costa (De Longhi), Enrico D’Alessandro (Terna S.p.A), Paolo Lionetti (Autostrade per l’Italia), Barbara Monda (RiskGovernance Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale Politecnico di Milano), Fabrizio Sechi (Fastweb), Michele Strani (Angelini), Marco Terzago (SKF Industrie).
Four of them have also been appointed as vice-presidents: Claudia Costa (De Longhi), Paolo Lionetti (Autostrade per l’Italia), Enrico D’Alessandro (Terna S.p.A) e Paolo Rubini (Telecom).

“The passion for this job, together with the experience acquired in Europe as Vice President of FERMA and the awareness that it is still possible to do a lot when it comes to offering all our colleagues a professional growth that is ever more integrated into Corporate Governance logics, in addition to the importance of attracting both all the corporate personnel that is not yet involved full-time with risk management and consultants, prompted me to run for the Presidency of the Association” says Alessandro De Felice, President of ANRA.

“I would like to thank all my colleagues for their support. From now on I will vigorously pursue the actions that we have already undertaken under Paolo Rubini’s guidance, which are aimed at turning ANRA more and more into the place from where the culture of risk will spread among Italian corporations and at making ANRA the leading stakeholder in Italy in relation to risk management. As an association, we’re growing both in terms of numbers (we are now more than 170 partners) and as a point of reference for  institutions, the academic world, the media and companies. Furthermore, I am especially honored to be at the head of ANRA during the year when our country will host the leading international event dedicated to risk management – the FERMA Forum – in Venice, from October 4th– 7th. This will be a unique opportunity both in terms of networking and of testimonials, due to the presence of more than 2000 risk management experts coming from all over Europe and from the rest of the world. Therefore, my invitation to take part in this event in Venice goes to all our members and to all of those who wish to join our Association, with the opportunity to enjoy participating for free to all the sessions, as members of ANRA.”

Alessandro De Felice, 46, was born in Rome and currently lives in Milan; he is Chief Risk Officer at Prysmian S.p.A., the world’s leading company in cable and high technology systems for energy and telecommunications. Among other things, he is involved with Enterprise Risk Management, of “Project Risk Management”, in the field involving the projects featuring the installation of high voltage underwater and land cables, Risk Engineering and Loss Prevention, the evaluation of risks linked to M6A activities, the structuring and negotiation of corporate international insurance programs and and Supply Chain risks. He is also Managing Director of Prysmian Reinsurance Company Ltd, a captive reinsurance company structured for managing risk retention and self-financing policies based in Dublin.
He is Vice President of FERMA (Federation of European Risk Management Associations), General Secretary of IFRIMA (International Federation of Risk Management Associations), a member of AIRMIC (Association of Insurance and Risk Managers) and  RIMS (Risk and Insurance Management Society). He was a member of the FERMA Scientific Committee and took part in a UNI “Risk Management” study group that developed a general reference regulation on the process of risk management. He teaches various ANRA/CINEAS courses, CINEAS Master’s programs, MIB Master’s programs in Trieste, the Enterprise Risk Management/Risk Governance course at the Polytechnic of Milan.
He formerly worked as part of the Risk Management team of the Pirelli Group and as part of the insurance brokerage team at Marsh and at Sedgwick.



Since 1972 ANRA has been bringing together Risk Managers and Corporate Insurance Managers. The association operates through its headquarters in Milan and various regional branches. ANRA is the point of reference in Italy for the propagation of business culture through risk and corporate insurance management. In Europe it is connected through FERMA to other national risk management associations, and through Ifrima it is connected at an international level. ANRA consists of Risk Officers, Risk Managers and Insurance Managers who operate in this field on a daily basis and who benefit from the continuous exchange of their experiences and of  their projects, with the final result of encouraging the development of the whole field. Overall, the public and private companies to which the members belong feature a turnover of more than 600 billion euros (about 39% of the GNP). Acting under the firm belief that experience is the best topic for spreading the culture of risk management, ANRA organizes meetings for professional and companies on issues related to corporate risk, training courses for new positions, exchanges with foreign colleagues. In its supporting activities for managers and companies, ANRA is supported by many partners, universities, consulting firms, insurance companies, brokers, service companies in the corporate risk field: their specific expertise brings added value to the association’s members and to their firms.  

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