Belgium (BELRIM)

BELRIM – Belgian Risk Management Association

Many Belgian companies are either already doing business with emerging markets or are planning to do so. BELRIM invited Adjunct Professor Peter Verhezen from the Vlerick Management School to address members on 25 April on identifying the risks and opportunities in these new markets and how good governance can reduce the negative exposures.
BELRIM’s next event is a seminar on 10 May on Global programmes – Is compliance nirvana possible? The general assembly will take place on 7 June.

Finland (FinnRiMa)

FINNRIMA – FINLAND Finnish Risk Management AssociationThe spring meeting of FinnRiMa took place on 26 April together with a mini seminar on IT risks and the general assembly. It is Finn RiMa’s 25th anniversary this year and there will be a special meeting to mark the occasion on 16 October.


France (AMRAE)

AMRAE – Association pour le Management des Risques et des Assurances de l’Entreprise

On 25 and 26 June, AMRAE will hold what it describes as the first European risk management and human resources conference (Rencontres) in cooperation with the National Association of Directors of Human Resources (ANDRH). The meeting will take place in the Atlantic seaside resort of La Baule with the theme of new opportunities for risk management and human resources. The sessions will turn on four themes: the management of talent and non-material risks, insuring individuals, psycho-social risks and personal security.


Germany (DVS)

DVS – GERMANY Deutscher Versicherungs-Schutzverband e.V.
DVS held its annual general assembly on 27 April in Bonn. There were a number of changes in the DVS board. Harry Daugird, ABB; Günter Dröse, Deutsche Bank, and Peter Klatt, BMW, retired as members of the board. New board members are Hanns Martin Schindewolf, Daimler and Edwin Meyer, ArcelorMittal.
Before the general assembly, there was a meeting of the DVS Committee which comprises representatives of some 90 major DVS members. On the agenda were a report on FERMA activities, especially the FERMA Benchmarking Survey, a presentation on a major business interruption through a natural catastrophe and a panel on claims settling experiences in international markets.
Members also heard about preparations for this year’s DVS Symposium, which will take place in Munich from 4-6 September. Over the last few years the event has attracted around 600 participants. The final programme will be available at the beginning of June. Participants from other FERMA members are very welcome.


Italy (ANRA)

ANRA – Associazione Nazionale dei Risk Manager e Responsabili Assicurazioni Aziendali
On 7 June, ANRA will celebrate 40 years since its foundation. There will be a party at the Milan Ippodromo starting at 19.00 to which ANRA has invited any FERMA members who would like to attend.
The ANRA General Assembly in April elected its new board for the period 2012 – 2014, and the board choose Paolo Rubini as President and Maria Emilia Marsaglia as Deputy President.
Details of ANRA’s training courses including a programme on innovative insurance solutions for environmental risks on 30 May, are available on the website at


Luxembourg (PRiM)

Professionals in Risk Management (PRiM) - Luxembourg

PRiM held its annual joint meeting with the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) on 18 April 2012, when over 200 European risk managers, compliance officers and experts met at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce to hear about the latest developments and trends. PRiM announced the creation of a certification programme to ensure appropriate training of risk managers in Luxembourg, which it is currently rolling out with the Institute of Banking Education (IFBL).


Malta (MARM)

MARM – Malta Association of Risk Management
The Malta Association of Risk Management (MARM) held its formal launch at a national conference on risk management at the Dolmen Hotel, Qawra, Malta on 30 March. The event brought together 96 delegates from business and the public sector, including representatives from the Office of the Prime Minister.
Opportunity was the theme of the conference, and MARM President John Schembri commented: “Every risk manager knows that opportunity and risk reside on two different faces of the same coin. For instance, it is likely that were it not for the pressing global recession and challenging events unfolding around us, MARM may well not have been founded at all. The founding members of MARM did not just happen to come together by chance or on a whim in 2011. The six of us converged because we all felt that there was a need to start doing something about risk management in Malta – in other words, from risk around us we saw opportunity for change and improvement.”

Representing FERMA was Marie-Gemma Dequae, former president and now scientific adviser. She gave an introduction to FERMA and also spoke about the results of cooperation with the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Audit (ECIIA), the Benchmarking Survey and 2012 Seminar.
Schembri thanked the speakers, the delegates and the corporate sponsors for demonstrating commitment to the profession and for encouraging MARM through their participation. “We now have to, each of us; keep reminding ourselves that risk management is not a destination but a journey.”


Netherlands (NARIM)

NARIM – Nederlandse Associatie van Risk en Insurance Managers
NARIM will hold its annual congress on 6 and 7 June in the Hague. The theme will be: What’s next?


Norway (NORIMA)

NORIMA – NORWAY Norwegian Risk Management Association
NORIMA will hold its summer meeting on 5 June.

Poland (POLRISK)

POLRISK – POLAND Polish Risk Management Association
POLRISK is now on LinkedIn at
The group’s moderator is POLRISK Vice-President Slawomir Pijanowski.


Russia (RusRisk)

RUSRISK – RUSSIA Russian Risk Management Society
The Russian association is holding its international professional forum on 23-23 May in Moscow. One day will be devoted to industrial risks and insurance and the second will focus on the management of risks at financial institutions in Russia and the CIS. There will also be a prize giving ceremony to the winners of the international competition – Best risk management 2012.


Spain (AGERS)

AGERS - Asociación Española de Gerencia de Riesgos y Seguros
The 23rd annual AGERS congress of risk and insurance management will take place on 30 May in the auditorium of Mutua Madrileña with the subject: the management of risk in the context of crisis following large disasters. The programme includes the participation of Spanish and international experts on subjects such as economic risks, the protection of critical infrastructure, business continuity, corporate governance and globalisation. FERMA President Jorge Luzzi will conduct the closing ceremony. The AGERS general assembly will take place the following day.
AGERS continues with its programme of training courses. Details are available from the association website.


Spain (IGREA)

IGREA – Iniciativa Gerentes de Riesgos Españoles Asociados
IGREA has now published its guide to good practice in claims management, Guía de Buenas Prácticas en la Gestión de Siniestros. FERMA and IGREA board member Cristina Martínez says that 30 organisations took part in the process of compiling the guide. Its purpose is to maintain good relationships between the parties during claims adjustment, improve claims practices and contribute to a reduction in costs.

Sweden (SWERMA)

SWERMA – SWEDEN Swedish Risk Management Association
SWERMA has a new president, Fredrik Finmann. Fredrik is Group Risk & Insurance Manager at ASSA ABLOY.


Switzerland (SIRM)

SIRM – Swiss Association of Insurance and Risk Managers
The SIRM Gen assembly took place on 9 May at Basel Zoo.


United Kingdom (Airmic)

Airmic - The Association of Insurance and Risk Managers
With more than one month to go to its annual conference, Airmic had 560 registrations and the number was rising rapidly. The event will take place in Liverpool from 11-13 June. The keynote speakers are former UK Government minister Michel Portillo and Sir Richard Lambert, until recently Director General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

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