Over the next two years, FERMA wants board, committee and national associations’ members to come to the forefront of FERMA’s communication strategy by becoming Thought Leaders.

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This is the next important step in FERMA’s strategy to strengthen the risk managers’ community, empower FERMA members and increase awareness of FERMA’s actions and content.

Four steps to becoming a Thought Leader

1. Update your profile on LinkedIn and join FERMA online (2 groups on Linkedin : FERMA Risk Talk and FERMA Forum, Twitter, Slideshare, Website)

2. Share FERMA’s blogs, presentations, press releases and newsletters, comment and like discussions on LinkedIn groups, retweet and reply to FERMA’s tweets.

3. Engage on LinkedIn. Create your own debate, connect with your colleagues and invite your connections to FERMA LinkedIn groups

4. Submit articles. Write a short article in English on a topic of your choice (risk management in your country, a national event, a current concern in your industry…) to be published as a blog on FERMA’s website and broadcast on FERMA’s social media channels. It only needs to be 200-250 words. Any additional content you might wish to pass on or create is, of course, welcome. You’ll find some examples of articles at

Social media like these should be valuable tools for risk managers. They can provide an unprecedented amount of expert information, in real-time and from a global perspective. Risk managers can share their experience and expertise, exchange ideas and opinions, and look for advice, solutions and recommendations that were once out of reach.

Follow FERMA @fermarisk and don’t forget the #fermaforum hash tag. Make @fermarisk your #FF

Free: Optimise your LinkedIn profile

FERMA social media consultant Christophe Mallet has prepared a guide for risk managers to make the best use of their LinkedIn profile. It’s free on request  for FERMA member.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact Christel Jaumoulle: