FERMA launches first professional Certification for European risk managers with award ceremony

Today (5 October) the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) formally launched its programme of European Certification for professional risk managers.  It is the first such designation and is designed to reinforce the standing of the profession in Europe.

FERMA’s Certification, called rimap®, will provide independent confirmation of the professional competences, experience and standards of individual risk managers, and accreditation for the risk management programmes of educational bodies. rimap® rests on four pillars: knowledge, experience, continuous professional development (CPD) and a code of ethics.

FERMA has marked the occasion at the opening of its 2015 Risk Management Forum in Venice today with the award of Founder Certification to individuals in the risk management community who have been responsible for the creation, development and initial testing of the essential elements of Certification. They will be ambassadors for rimap®. FERMA intends to open applications for Certification in early 2016, with the first awards expected in the spring.

At the launch, FERMA board member Michel Dennery, Chair of the FERMA Certification Steering Committee, said: “Today, there is a strong expectation from stakeholders about risk management; that is why we have created the first high level pan-European recognition of the profession of risk management that will respond to these expectations.”

Prof. Karel Van Hulle, Chairman of the Insurance and Reinsurance Stakeholder Group of EIOPA, welcomed the launch of rimap®. He said: “The financial crisis showed clearly the need for good risk management. It is in the interest of all stakeholders that firms attach great importance to the timely identification, evaluation and management of their risks and to the mitigation of those risks. Risk management should have a higher status in our educational institutions. I welcome the fact that FERMA has taken up this challenge and I hope that the initiative will be successful.”

FERMA also unveiled the Certification programme brand and logos.

Print Print rimap_H-logo-licensed-CMYK

As well as the first rimap leaflet, rimap Body of Knowledge, rimap Continuous Professional Development and rimap Code of Ethics:

rimap leaflet from FERMA

rimap Body of Knowledge from FERMA

rimap Continuous Professional Development from FERMA

rimap Code of Ethics from FERMA

Members of the FERMA Certification Steering Committee


Michel Dennery, FERMA board member, member of AMRAE (France)

Julia Graham, President of FERMA, member of Airmic (UK)

Jo Willaert, Deputy President, FERMA, member of BELRIM (Belgium)

Isabel Martínez Torre-Enciso, Vice President of FERMA, board member of AGERS (Spain)

Florence Bindelle, Executive Director, FERMA


Marie-Gemma Dequae, FERMA technical adviser

Pierre Sonigo, project mentor

Julien Bedhouche, FERMA European affairs, project manager

Full press kit also includes:

Certification Note for Forum
rimap Advert

And visit for a full tour of the rimap programme

Press contacts:

Lee Coppack, FERMA Media Coordinator

+44 7843 089904 (4-11 October) /+44 208 318 0330

For photographs: email  for an invitation to the Dropbox folder.

Julien Bedhouche, FERMA European affairs,  +32478286620 (4-7 October)/ +3227619433