The early bird deadline is just a few days ahead and I am looking forward to taking the pulse of the registrations. Depending on the figures, we will decide on our next marketing and promotional actions. Until now we’ve seen that, as expected, we have received large support from our Dutch, Belgian and German members. Perhaps more surprisingly, Denmark is very active and DARIM is close to achieving its target for the Forum. So don’t hesitate; follow the Danish example! Help your own national association to reach its attendance target.


Véronique De Hertogh


Véronique De Hertogh


Before the summer holidays, we have another important appointment: our last site inspection to Maastricht. We’ll be meeting city officials, members of the local chambers of commerce and Maastricht University representatives. Our goal is to develop a common strategy in order to attract as many local risk managers and young professionals as possible, decide on action points and maybe even reach interested SMEs.

We will also decide how the Market place is going to look. We have received very innovative ideas and it will be great to see them live instead than on paper. It will also be our first visit to “La Bonbonnière”, the venue for the FERMA Night. I’ve heard that this is one of the Forum’s highlights and I’m really keen on attending it.

It will be a very busy summer for me as I will be putting together the content for the printed and online programmes. This means collecting descriptions, final confirmations from speaker, their biographies, maps and images and checking the listed timings and occasionally having to change them.
Before we know it, we’ll be packing out bags. Are you ready to cycle around Maastricht? I certainly am!

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