Extracts from rimap’s learning materials are now available on our website: 

rimap learning materials

The extracts are taken from rimap’s four manuals: Essentials of Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Risk Treatment 1 and Risk Treatment II.

These are not summaries, but three selected pieces from each book. “Our aim is to make rimap more accessible,” says Marisa Martinez, FERMA board member with responsibility for rimap. “It gives risk managers and others looking for certification an opportunity to check the level and content of the syllabus without cost.”

The 2020 FERMA Risk Manager Report highlighted the importance of professional training for risk managers today. 77% of respondents said that a recognised certification matters in practising risk management. FERMA also believes that today there is a wider demand for risk management education and certification. Making the extracts of the manuals available publicly will widen the audience for rimap.

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