Four important themes in commercial insurance law will be under discussion at the joint conference organised by FERMA and the insurance law association AIDA-Europe on 3rd June in Paris. Outstanding legal experts from all across Europe will interact with market practitioners. The programme will tackle the following issues during 4 panels discussions

  • Coinsurance: who owes what, when and to whom?
    Relation insured/coinsurance: rights and obligations
  • Embargo: The discordant music of European and national public orders
    News: insurance within the scope of an embargo (Iran, for example) and contractual exclusion
  • Serial claims: when fiction trumps reality
    Reality: exhaustion warranty/fiction: globalisation claims (aggregation)
  • D&O: Phantasms on forbidden guarantees
    Guarantee of administrative fines and criminal (kidnap and ransom…)

“Insurance law theory will meet practice in this event, says FERMA’s Executive Manager Florence Bindelle who has a legal background and worked in a law firm and on reinsurance claims before joining FERMA. She adds, “This is an opportunity for risk managers to raise questions with experts and tell the lawyers how they are affected by the way that the law is applied. It will increase understanding between the two professions, and I recommend members to join us.” Go at
AIDA Europe