Thu, Jul 23, 2020 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CEST

What could the future of the claims handling process look like and what can we learn from alternative approaches. COVID-19 has put BI claims at the forefront of discussions for many businesses and the insurance market. It has also made it more apparent than ever before that global supply chains consisting of various multinationals are sensitive to disruption outside of the normal physical triggers in coverage. With this in mind, how could we look at handling BI claims moving forward to reduce time and cost while increasing all parties understanding of the risks business’ face and the coverage available? This industry webinar sets out to discuss what the alternative BI claims handling methods could look like based on experiences from different geographic regions and existing claims processes. Panelists from Baker Tilly and Coca Cola will discuss potential approaches with the use of case studies, including examples from a “joint expert” model that uses a single expert framework working from Insurers, the Insured, Brokers and wider shared specialist experts, and those from the claims presentation and review process using multiple experts. The webinar will assess how different claims handling processes can operate, and what the pros and cons surrounding these may be dependent on company size and internal resources.

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