FERMA has appointed its first full time European Affairs Representative to help promote the interests of FERMA members with European institutions and in terms of EU legislation. He is Julien Bedhouche, a French national with a masters’ degree in European law from Rennes University in Brittany.

Julien will contribute to monitoring and assessing forthcoming EU legislation in the field of risk and insurance management and evaluate the impact of regulatory proposals on FERMA members’ activities. He will coordinate the formulation of FERMA positions in close collaboration with members.

After gaining experience in European affairs working as an assistant to a member of the European Parliament, Julien became European affairs officer for the Belgian Banking Federation (FEBELFIN).  He also worked for a year in the corporate communications department of the investment banking branch of BNP Paribas in Sydney, Australia.

He said: “I have had a great interest in European matters since I spent a year in Spain in 2006 as part of the EU educational exchange programme ERASMUS, when I chose to study EU law. I really believe that the European project is a way for our nations to face a more and more competitive world.

Julien Bedhouche

Julien Bedhouche

The President of FERMA Jorge Luzzi said: “Julien Bedhouche’s appointment enhances the service that FERMA provides to its members. Many developments at European level can have an important effect on risk and insurance issues, but it often takes time for the implications to become clear. With Julien in place we will be able both to keep our members up to date and represent their views with European institutions.”

Julien said: “This new position is exciting. As a naturally enthusiastic person, I want to be a great addition to the FERMA team in Brussels.”