New online tool to help debunk and clarify risk and insurance terms

Ferma has launched a new dictionary of industry acronyms in an easy-to-use, searchable format at its biannual conference.

The new library will provide a comprehensive list of terms under three categories – European affairs, organisations and institutes and risk management associations. It will be available under the risk management section of the Ferma website.

The project is headed up by Ferma board member and group risk and insurance manager at Hempel Helle Friberg; Ferma project assistant Christel Jaumoulle, Ferma EU affairs representative Julien Bedhouche and Reaklab co-founders Romain Carlier and Kevin Descoubes.

Friberg says: “[The online tool] is a comprehensive online dictionary that will help debunk and clarify the acronyms often used in the insurance and risk management industry. It will be divided into three categories, but I’m hoping we can develop a fourth category, risk management and insurance terms, in the future.”

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