Networking is at the heart of the FERMA Forum, so it’s not surprising that FERMA is using social media to stimulate interest in the event. Led by Secretary General Pierre Sonigo, FERMA has gone from a standing start to a LinkedIn group, videos on YouTube, presentations on Slideshare and a twitter account, plus a regular blog to be launched shortly.

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Group “FERMA Risk Talk” and sub-group “FERMA Forum 2011”
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FERMA presentations on SlideShare

FERMA channel on YouTube

Using these social media, according to Sonigo, will build a community of followers for FERMA’s activities and increase visitors to the FERMA website, which is itself in the process of a redesign. It is a way of bringing news about the Forum to a wide new audience, including younger risk managers.

The most important point about these new media is that they are social, so Sonigo urges all FERMA members to get involved – by joining FERMA Risk Talk on LinkedIn and by tweeting (the act of posting a short message known as a tweet on twitter) and retweeting (forwarding tweets that you think others should see).

For a quick and personal introduction to FERMA and the value of attending the Forum, you can also email links to the short videos on YouTube by FERMA President Peter den Dekker or the slides on Slideshare.

During and after the Forum, these new media will allow the networking to go virtual and reach thousands of interested people all over the world.

The project has the support of Forum sponsor Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and Carve Consulting. For any questions, contact Silke Huber at