08/10/2018 - 09/10/2018 | ANTWERP, BELGIUM

FERMA European Risk Management Seminar 2018

FERMA Seminar 2018





The FERMA European Risk Management Seminar 2018 - Widening The Horizon for Risk Managers: Cyber - Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability


The constantly evolving risk environment pushes risk managers to learn more to support their organisations.  The FERMA European Risk Management Seminar organised by and for European risk managers will examine in depth some of today's most pressing risk issues in a short, but intense programme.

The Seminar focuses on critical topics where the risk manager can make a difference and streghten his role. In 2018, we dive deeper into two issues at the forefront of business concerns: cyber risks and sustainability.

Risk managers attending the 2018 Seminar have the additional opportunity to boost their careers by taking the FERMA  rimap® certification exam.

Whom & Why


The Seminar programme is designed for chief risk officers, risk & insurance managers and others responsible for cyber, compliance and sustainability issues in their organisations. The Seminar audience is limited to 250 delegates to create easy and open exchange among participants.


This Seminar will help you acquire insights into two of the most topical issues facing organisations today. It will provide:

  • Knowledge from the academic and business contributions of our experts

  • Case studies

  • Concrete learning outcomes, including toolboxes, practical tips, theoretical models and more… 

  • Contacts to build a valuable network with peers

  • An exceptional exchange of experiences

  • A European perspective with topics discussed at international level


We promise you an intensive and highly interactive learning experience thanks to our group discussions and pragmatic tools complemented by real life case studies with actionable insights.

You will return to your organization with a new understanding of

  • Responsible business conduct taking into account the latest transparency requirements and potential impacts on reputation

  • The latest major cyber-attacks through lessons learned

  • How the Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) has transformed the environmental impairment liability insurance market

  • Developing sustainability for a changing climate


Acquire hands on knowledge of

  • What to consider when buying a cyber insurance

  • How to quantify cyber risk in your organization

  • How to draw up non-financial reporting



Rimap Exam

Who would you like to meet?

Securing our future through Responsible Business Conduct

Part 1 : Adapting to climate change: risks and opportunities

Part 2 : Responsible business conduct - risks and opportunities



Managing Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) exposures

Over the last 15 years, the Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) has shaped the market for environmental impairment insurance (EIL). The European Commission now recognizes the insurance offer as sufficient, but there is still political pressure for mandatory financial schemes to cover the most extreme scenarios of environmental impairment accidents and insolvency risks. Risk managers, therefore, need to be able to justify their company’s mitigation strategies for environmental incidents. The session will help you to:

  • Understand the current state of the EIL market and the trends for the next 5 years
  • Determine what EIL insurance is most appropriate for your organisation  
  • Discover what financial solutions other than insurance are available
  • Balance loss prevention and financial protection for your largest environmental loss scenarios. 


Risk mapping in CSR - could it become widespread?

Mandatory risk mapping is a central element in the new French law on the duty of corporate vigilance. It is just the latest example of a requirement by European governments for companies to align their strategy and activities, especially through their supply chains, with societal expectations for ethical corporate behavior. The session will analyse the implications of CSR risk mapping for the risk managers and the impact on “traditional” ERM risk mapping techniques. This session will allow you to:

  • Understand what type of risk mapping the regulator wants and the differences with “traditional” ERM risk mapping
  • Learn how to integrate new transparency requirements into your existing ERM risk mapping
  • Determine what it is mandatory and what it is desirable
  • Become a partner with the compliance function on risk disclosure
  • Raise the profile of the risk management function by demonstrating the value of ERM techniques for new transparency requirements.


Climate change - the risk manager's contribution to adaptation to this new paradigm

Climate change is now at the forefront of business risks, and the ability of businesses to adapt will become a factor of success in the next decades. By working across functions, corporate risk managers have an opportunity to support their organisations in embedding climate logic into the business. Doing so will help reduce the impact of weather-related events in terms of physical damages and business interruption, and add value and attractiveness to the company. The session will allow you to acquire the knowledge to:

  • Position yourself as an actor in climate change adaptation by making the case of a professional risk management approach for climate‐related events
  • See examples of accessible and actionable climate-related data and how to apply them in your risk management practices
  • Determine what external climate change expertise is needed for your organisation
  • Consider what financial solutions, including risk transfer, are suitable for your organisation.


Welcome Reception


Introduction: Cybergeddon or a manageable risk?

  • Presentation of the FERMA/ECIIA cyber risk governance report
  • Preliminary findings of the OECD/FERMA joint survey on Digital Security Risk Management
  • Work of the CRO Forum on taxonomy



Deep dive into cyber insurance

The purpose of this session is to provide risk managers with tools to address the purchase of cyber insurance in this evolving market. The round table discussions will help risk managers develop their understanding of the information needed from the tender process to claims management so they can optimise coverage and recoveries for their organisation. Key questions include:

  • Which stakeholders within the organisation need to be involved in the tender/ placement process?
  • What information do we need to gather for the placement process?
  • How do we balance the carrier’s need for information with the feasibility of gathering that information?
  • How do we determine the right limits to purchase?
  • What makes a cyber claim successful?


Applying lessons learned

Closed session - Chatham House Rule 

Two exceptional guest speakers will share their experience of large-scale cyber attacks on their companies in 2017. The risk managers of Maersk and Telefonica will describe their level of preparation before the incident, the way they managed the crisis and the lessons learned.

By attending this session, you will learn how to:

  • engage with your key business partners and coordinate with non-technical teams in HR, legal, operations and top management
  • anticipate future crises with the right governance and processes to improve theresilience of your organisation
  • embed insurance within the cyber crisis management
  • position yourself during the crisis and the remediation phase to restore the business


Quantification of cyber risks

This session will introduce a method for quantifying cyber risks through a practical and lively exercise. Participants will be given hypothetical cyber catastrophic scenarios based on a fictional company. They will apply the methodology to these scenarios, including by working collaboratively across the organisation to define what inputs are needed, such as the number of affected clients and business interruption duration. Finally, the exercise will lead to a calculation of the potential financial impact of the cyber disaster on the organisation.



Olivier Allaire
Olivier Allaire

Olivier Allaire

Founder & Managing Director


Founder and Managing Director at Lineon, in charge of Strategic consulting on cybersecurity and R&D director, I provide awareness and advices mainly on: cybersecurity governance and strategy, cybersecurity risk financial exposure assessment, data privacy governance and management, cybersecurity incident detection (SOC with SIEM or Big Data Analytics) and business continuity and recovery.

From 1994 to 1997, I held a position as security and safety auditor for industrial environment then I move in various IT companies where I was in charge of IT support and project management for industrial clients. I have been working in cybersecurity since 2000 and exploring all the field’s competencies like audit, architecture design, SOC implementation and operation and cybersecurity consulting. With two partners, we set up Lineon in 2011. Aside from my managing and consulting activities, I participate in workgroups and seminaries within the CLUSIF and the IRT SystemX.

Laurent Bernat
Laurent Bernat

Laurent Bernat

Policy Analyst


Laurent BERNAT is policy analyst at the OECD Secretariat in the Digital Economy Policy Division. He works on digital security and privacy risk.

Laurent supports the activities of the Working Party on Security and Privacy in the Digital Economy (SPDE) and Committee on Digital Economy Policy (CDEP). He led the development of the 2015 OECD Recommendation on Digital Security Risk Management for Economic and Social Prosperity which forms the basis for current OECD work to develop statistical indicators of digital security risk management practices in business. Laurent is also working on the revision of the 2008 OECD Recommendation on the protection of critical information infrastructures. Laurent worked on many different trust-related policy issues including national cybersecurity strategies, digital identity management, RFID, cryptography policy and the protection of children online.

Prior to joining the OECD in 2003, he worked at the French data protection agency, the Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL) and was associate director in an Internet consulting firm. Laurent Bernat has a master in political science and international relations.

Sebastian Bregning
Sebastian Bregning

Sebastian Bregning

Head of Captive Operations and Risk Analytics

A.P. Moller - Maersk

Sebastian Bregning is Head of Captive Operations and Risk Analytics for A.P. Møller – Mærsk.  He has 20 years of experience within insurance and risk management, including leadership, portfolio management, risk mitigation, compliance, underwriting and claims handling. Sebastian holds degrees from universities in Switzerland, Denmark and the United States in finance, insurance and law. 


Tobias Bunz
Tobias Bunz

Tobias Bunz

Expert Group Insurance


Tobias is a dynamic risk professional with advanced knowledge in insurance disciplines based on
international standards.  He holds the position of group experte at E.ON with a special focus on cyber and previously was the insurance specialist for the BASF Group.  He's got a strong ability to combine a strategic with an organizational approach and people as well as record of implementing compliant conform international insurance programs in different industries.

Gilbert Canameras
Gilbert Canameras

Gilbert Canameras

Secretary General


Gilbert Canameras is Secretary General of FERMA, the Federation of European Risk Management Associations, since 2015. He was President of French risk management associations AMRAE from 2011 to May 2015.

Gilbert Canameras was Group Risk and Insurance Chief Office and Vice President Finance for Eramet Group (metals and mining). In April 2015, he was appointed special advisor to the group on insurance matters. Gilbert began his career with French media companies and in medical research. From 1980, he worked in a number of industry sectors in finance and risk functions. Gilbert joined Eramet in 2002 to ensure implementation of the corporate functions of treasury, funding, insurance and risk management.

Philippe Cotelle
Philippe Cotelle

Philippe Cotelle

Head of Insurance & Risk Management

Airbus Defence & Space

Philippe Cotelle is the Head of Insurance and Risk Management of Airbus Defence & Space since 2014, gathering all Airbus activities in Space, Defence and Military Transport Aviation belonging to the former Divisions Astrium, Cassidian and Airbus Military.

Since 2006, he was in charge of Insurance Risk Management for Astrium, gathering  the Space activities of Airbus including the 3 business units EADS Astrium Satellites, EADS Astrium Space Transportation and EADS Astrium Services.

Since 2004/2005 Philippe Cotelle was in charge of the Risk Management and Insurance of major programs such as Paradigm, the largest UK MOD PFI contract and the first of the space industry,

or Satcom BW, the procurement of a turn key military communication system and services for German Bundeswehr . He was also leading the negotiation for insurance and risk management with the European Commission in the name of the European Consortium bidding for the Concession of the Galileo project.

From 2000 to 2004, he was Senior Space Risk Underwriter at SCOR one of leading company of the space insurance market. He was member of the Space Study Group of the Federation Francaise des Sociétés d’Assurance (FFSA) and representative of the French Reinsurance Association at the IUAI.

Philippe Cotelle is graduated Engineer from Ecole Nationale Superieure de l'Aeronautique et de l'Espace and Executive MBA from Essec & Mannheim 2007.

Aurélie Fallon Saint Lo
Aurélie Fallon Saint Lo

Aurélie Fallon Saint Lo

Senior Environmental Risk Underwriter - Client & Distribution Leader

XL Catlin

Aurélie holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development and a Master's degree in Environmental Sciences in partnership with the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris and the University of Rennes.


She started in 2003 in the industry as environmental engineer at Lafarge in Morocco, then at Vicat where she set up the first environmental management system ISO 14001v2004 certified, then integrated Quality, Safety, Environment. From 2006 to 2008, she was with the Suez Environnement Group, as Quality, Safety and Environment Manager of its STAR subsidiary, based in the Réunion Island and for the Indian Ocean region. In particular, she implemented ISO 9001 and 14001 quality management and environmental management systems at the Mayotte landfill and also obtained the INRS Safety Medal for the efforts made to improve the Health and Safety work conditions within the company.


Since 2008 in the insurance industry, first as an environmental risks underwriter at Axa Corporate Solutions, she joined in 2011 Ace (now Chubb) where she held the roles of environmental risks senior underwriter then Environmental risks line Manager until March 2018. She focused on offering its Insureds optimal solutions in terms of wording but also services such as prevention, crisis management and loss first class dedicated offer.


In June 2018, she joined the XL Catlin team as a senior environmental risks underwriter and Client and Distribution leader.

Paul Gisby
Paul Gisby

Paul Gisby


Accountancy Europe

After studying psychology at Manchester University, Paul Gisby qualified as a chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser and spent 20 years in the North West of England working in private practice. As a general practice partner, he gained a wide experience of accounting, auditing, and providing financial advice.

After moving to Brussels, he joined Accountancy Europe - an international organisation representing nearly 1 million professional accountants through its 50 member bodies, in all sectors of the profession.

His primary focus is on tax policy and he is Accountancy Europe’s designated alternate for the European Commission’s Tax Good Governance Platform. He uses his long experience of SMPs to contribute to the Accountancy Europe’s SMP Forum, which promotes the views of the small and medium-sized accounting practices and of their SME clients.

He leads Accountancy Europe’s work on public sector accounting standards and is a member of the Consultative Advisory Group of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board. Apart from being involved in financial reporting issues, he is also responsible for Accountancy Europe’s ESG Reporting activities.

Nick Kitching
Nick Kitching

Nick Kitching

Chief Risk Officer

Swiss Re

Nick Kitching is Chief Risk Officer of Swiss Re Europe S.A., Swiss Re's Luxembourg based carrier for reinsurance operations in Europe. 

Before joining Swiss Re in 2013, Nick worked at Aviva plc, the UK Financial Services Authority (now part of the UK Prudential Regulation Authority) and Berwin Leighton Paisner. 

In his roles, Nick has participated a number of industry bodies, particularly the CRO Forum (www.thecroforum.org) on a variety of risk management topics.  At the CRO Forum, Nick has led the work on cyber risk since 2014 including the publication of three papers 'Cyber Resilience and the role of insurance' in 2014 and 'The CRO Forum concept paper on a proposed categorisation methodology for cyber risk' in 2016. In February 2018, the CRO Forum published 'Supporting on-going capture and sharing of digital event data' following an 18 month trial by CRO Forum members of the methodology set out in the 2016 paper. 

Gaëtan Lefèvre
Gaëtan Lefèvre

Gaëtan Lefèvre

Group Risk & Insurance Manager


Gaëtan is an engineer by background having qualified as a civil mining engineer at the University of Liège. He studied management and administration at the Catholic University of Louvain and risk and insurance management at the University of Mons.

Before joining Group CMI, Gaëtan worked in engineering and production for Group Lhoist. He then joined Insurance Company AG and held various roles linked to corporate risks before moving to Group InBev as risk and insurance manager for BeNeLux and France. He joined Group CMI in 2007.

Arthur Lu
Arthur Lu

Arthur Lu

Head of Global Environmental Impairment Liability

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Arthur Lu is the Head of Global Environmental Impairment Liability, part of the Chief Underwriting Office Global Liability team. His responsibilities include growing the worldwide EIL practice, and steering the global portfolio. He has been with AGCS since 2014, and is based in New York.

Arthur has spent over 20 years in the insurance industry, focusing entirely on environmental liability. His experience includes managing global underwriters and underwriting complex risk for many of the world's largest companies. Arthur earned his B.S. in Environmental Toxicology and J.D. from Whittier Law School.

Augusto Perez
Augusto Perez

Augusto Perez

Director of corporate risk and insurance

Telefonica S.A.

Augusto Perez is part of Telefonica Group since 1997. He had different responsibilities, initially in Pleyade Peninsular (Telefonica inhouse broker) and afterwards in Telefonica S.A. Always within Corporate Risk and Insurance Area of the Group.

In July 2014 he was apointed director of corporate risk and insurance. This new position implies the role of Risk Manager of Telefonica Group regarding insurable risks, the affinity insurance development, as well as the management of various Telefonica´s Insurance Subsidiaries. He's a  member of the board of Casiopea Re, Telefonica Insurance and Pleyade Group (Spain, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico) as well as the president of the Spanish risk management association IGREA.

Ali Shahkarami
Ali Shahkarami

Ali Shahkarami

Head of Cat Risk Research, CFO RI & Cat Management

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Ali Shahkarami has over ten years of experience in Catastrophe Risk Management, developing models and tools for improved assessment and impact of catastrophes. With a PhD in Structural Engineering and a strong technical background, his main expertise is on the assessment and development of the vulnerability of structures among other aspects of Cat modeling.

Ali joined AGCS in 2012 to lead the Catastrophe Research team in Munich, and later moved to his current role in the XSE team in June 2018. Prior to that, he worked at the market leading company Risk Management Solutions (RMS), where he was a part of the team developing Cat models for windstorm and earthquake perils. Since joining AGCS, Ali has developed several solutions with the help of his expert team to deal with natural and man-made catastrophes at AGCS aimed to help underwriters and portfolio managers, as well as successfully creating customized products aiming to assist external clients assess their Cat risk.

Jo Willaert
Jo Willaert

Jo Willaert

Corporate Risk Manager

Agfa Gevaert

Jo Willaert is in charge of the design of worldwide enterprise risk management and insurance programmes for imaging solutions group Agfa-Gevaert.

A law graduate, he spent the first part of his career in broking with companies which eventually became part of Marsh and later with Aon. He joined Agfa-Gevaert in 2001.

He is a board member of the Belgian risk management association BELRIM and President of FERMA.


Exclusive event - audience limited to 250 delegates

The FERMA Seminar entitles you to 15 CPD points for Rimap Certified 

Seminar Fee* € 500
FERMA Risk Manager members 50% discount
Special offer for FERMA members - bring a colleague (CISO, internal audit, compliance officer, QHS…) € 250 each
Rimap exam Special offer, save 150€ **
For FERMA members only
€ 400
Students*** Free of charges
Press*** Free of charges
Academics € 200

All registration fees exclude VAT of 21%

Please note that FERMA reserves the right to confirm all participation to the 2018 Seminar.

Should you choose to register at the Risk Manager Member rate, your email address and member company will be used to automatically check your membership status.

* Kindly note that insurers and brokers, as well as consultants and service providers, can only attend the Seminar if their company is sponsoring the event. An exception will be made for only 1 representative at European level and strictly involved in the risk management department of the company

** The special rimap offer includes the entrance to the Seminar as well as the 300€ fees for the rimap exam, only available for risk managers member of FERMA

*** The free registration is applicable only if you provide proof of your situation (photocopy or fax of student/press card)


For any information related to your participation in the FERMA Risk Management Seminar 2018 please contact:

FERMA Seminar 2018 Secretariat:
Avenue de Tervueren 273/B12
1150 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 761 94 35

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