As the European Commission is due to report on the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2020, FERMA will release the results of a study on the impact of the Regulation on corporate governance and more specifically the risk management and internal audit functions at the FERMA Forum.

As announced, FERMA has been working in partnership with the European internal auditors association (ECIIA) since April 2019 on a research project to assess how GDPR has affected the two professions in the year since it took effect. With the aim of collecting good practices and key challenges from practitioners, the objective of the report is also to contribute to the European Commission’s review of the GDPR. There is currently little or no information on the impact of the EU data protection rules on corporate governance.

FERMA will present the report on 18 November at this year’s forum in Berlin: ”GDPR and corporate governance: impact on the risk management and audit functions one year after implementation”.

A webinar will follow on Thursday 5 December at 16:00 CET. During the webinar, speakers from the risk and internal audit professions will discuss the full findings including:

  • To what extent the risk manager is involved in the GDPR corporate implementation;
  • How GDPR has affected the interactions between risk management and the Data Protection Officer (DPO)?
  • What are the best practices and recommendations to embed personal data protection in the risk governance of your organisation?

The survey ran from June till July 2019. It gathered 346 respondents and on 25 interviews. It provides tangible data on the implementation of the GDPR within organisations on a European scale.

The FERMA Forum will take place in Berlin from 17-20 November. Registration is free for risk managers who are members of a FERMA association.

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