AGERS President Juan Porcel mentions RIMAP for planning the generational takeover

Interview with Juan Carlos López Porcel (President of AGERS, The Spanish Risk Management Association), and with Fernando Muñoz (President of APCAS, Association of Insurance Experts and Breakdown Commissioners).

What do AGERS and APCAS for the young professionals? How they face the generational takeover?


Agers President Juan Porcel for rimap interview


JUAN CARLOS LOPEZ PORCEL: This is a fundamental aspect for AGERS since the takeover is already happening. We note that there is a group of young professionals that participate in our activities as part of relevant companies in the Spanish market and they are making a big impact. They demand knowledge, they want to be part of our Commissions and are very eager to exchange experiences. They are also really creative, they can grasp new and old concepts connecting them appropriately. Sessions with them are terrifically enriching. In AGERS we are planning the generational takeover searching for professionals with capabilities and resources that can be “beacons” for their team works, stablishing the best practices. This perspective consists in preparing this transition developing actions as promoting the professional accreditation of the young. An example can be RIMAP certification, launched by FERMA as European accreditation. We consider it as a wonderful idea even for loss adjusters, that could follow this path in the future. Imagine, Fernando, an European accreditation for loss adjusters similar to the one that FERMA is offering now to Risk Managers.


FERNANDO MUÑOZ: It is a very interesting idea.


JUAN CARLOS LÓPEZ PORCEL: FERMA has given autonomy to such associations as ours, that show that they have adequate structure, competences and capacity to look for a local partner (in this case the chosen was the “University of Barcelona” after a strict selection process), to develop a course based of the academic guides given by FERMA. The course trains the students for the international FERMA exam. Those that follow the course will get a postgraduate university title (Risk Management Expert by University of Barcelona) and they will be ready to take the FERMA examinations (Certificate of European Risk Manager). Regarding AGERS, this can also mean the jump to Latin America, were we are a bridge between cultures thanks to our shared Spanish language.


FERNANDO MUÑOZ: We share the same concerns. We think that the young professionals have the key to solve this news issues. They have the secret about what is going on and they are ready for changes, digitalization and progress. It is interesting to count on them to manage the future. I read some statement by the founder of Alí Babá about how to be both successful and happy. He said that from 20 to 30 years old you have to look for a good boss that can help you to improve; from 30 to 40 you have to do something on your own, even when nobody believes in your project; from 40 to 50 you have to something you are good at, and from 50 you have to work so the young ones do the things they are interested in. I think it is an interesting thought. It is not that you have to get out of the way, but that the new generation will do more things, and they will do them better.