Category 2: Leadership points

In addition to participation points, 2 points per half-day event are granted for any risk management activity with a role as a:

  • Speaker
  • Moderator
  • Teacher
  • Writer






Speaker - making a presentation, delivering a speech, giving an interview

A presentation to an audience with risk management content


Moderator - leading a workshop, a round table meeting

The workshop or round table meeting is an organised meeting where all participants are given a right to participate to discussions and debate on a risk management subject

Moderating such a meeting means being recognised by the participants and the event organiser as the chairperson of the meeting, involving the preparation of the agenda and the facilitation of the discussions


Writer - writing an article or paper

Risk management subject and research or technical content

The content should  bring a benefit to the Risk Management profession

It could also be assignments, defined as the tasks or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course of study. At least 400 words, it must be published, meaning available for the public on any physical or online support


Teacher - delivering Courses

Risk management courses might be delivered face to face or electronically, it can comprise a number of component parts including lectures, presentations and workshops