Climate change - the risk manager's contribution to adaptation to this new paradigm

Climate Change Workshop 



Climate change is now at the forefront of business risks, and the ability of businesses to adapt will become a factor of success in the next decades. By working across functions, corporate risk managers have an opportunity to support their organisations in embedding climate logic into the business. Doing so will help reduce the impact of weather-related events in terms of physical damages and business interruption, and add value and attractiveness to the company. The session will allow you to acquire the knowledge to:

  • Position yourself as an actor in climate change adaptation by making the case of a professional risk management approach for climate‐related events

  • See examples of accessible and actionable climate-related data and how to apply them in your risk management practices

  • Determine what external climate change expertise is needed for your organisation

  • Consider what financial solutions, including risk transfer, are suitable for your organisation.


Nataliya Todorova, Save the Children, Head of Insurance

Ali Shahkarami, AGCS, Head of Cat Risk Research

Christoph Mocklinghoff - Marsh Continental Europe, Environmental Practice Leader

Moderator: Xavier Mutzig, Johnson Matthey, Group Insurance & Insurable Risk Director