Examination details

The FERMA Certification examination is a 2 hour online exam with 100 questions based on the rimap Body of Knowledge.


FERMA and ANZIIF have developed a series of four modules to help the candidate study the first four blocks of the Body of Knowledge.

The four modules are:

  1. Essentials of risk management
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Risk treatment I
  4. Risk treatment II

See the rimap Body of Knowledge for a detailed listing of the knowledge provided into the examination materials.


ANZIIF will schedule one exam date of exam per month starting in September 2017. After successful enrollment on the online platform, candidates will be able to choose a date for their examination.

Exam Dates

  • Thursday 15 March '18

  • Thursday 19 April '18

  • Thursday 24 May '18

  • Thursday 21 June '18

  • Thursday 26 July '18

  • Thursday 30 August '18

  • Thursday 20 September '18

  • Thursday 08 October '18

  • Thursday 22 November '18

  • Thursday 13 December '18



Exams are computer-based. Testing can take place anytime anywhere online in agreement with the chosen supervisor (see below). To take the exam, the candidate will need the following:

  • Computer

  • High-speed internet connection

  • 3 hours full availability without disruption

The online examination program is flexible and has an automatic save function. The candidate can start with whichever section they prefer and revise past entries.

Candidates are allowed to take a blank paper, water and snacks with them. Written, typed and printed materials are not permitted. All writing paper must afterwards be left in the exam room for the Supervisor to destroy.


The exam must be supervised by a FERMA approved supervisor, in accordance with the examination rules set up by ANZIIF.

The supervisor can be a:

  • Human resources / training manager

  • Current qualified member of FERMA or ANZIIF.

  • Qualified teacher / person working in education

  • Workplace manager

The exam supervisor cannot be:

  • A member of the candidate’s family

  • A friend of the candidate

The nominated exam supervisor must have advance approval from the FERMA Secretariat. They need to complete the supervisor’s declaration form (available here), and submit it to administration@ferma.eu


Exam results are automated through the computer system. The candidate will be notified within a week of their result by the FERMA ANZIIF team.