FERMA established under its previous name of “European Association of Insureds of Industries” (AEAI)

In many countries across Europe and beyond, National Risk Management Associations are well established. Their members are risk and insurance professionals responsible for risk management in their organisation, whether in the public or private sector. FERMA provides the means of co-ordinating risk management and optimising the impact of these Associations outside of their national boundaries on a European level.

  • Since 1974, FERMA has been the leading organisation for risk management in Europe.
  • FERMA promotes communication among its members and also within IFRIMA (International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations) of which FERMA is a member.
  • FERMA is frequently invited to participate in meetings and discussion groups with other trade and business organisations. Through these professional networks FERMA presents the risk management methodology and its benefits to business and the community.
  • Every two years, FERMA holds its well established Risk Management Forum, located in a different country each time with the support of the local member association. It also organises specific seminars and surveys.
  • FERMA works with numerous educational bodies in Europe and welcomes collaboration from academics and all professionals involved in risk management.

FERMA was established under its previous name of “European Association of Insureds of Industries” (AEAI) as an International Association with aim of exchanging ideas and experiences. As part of its continuing influence, it is in discussion with risk management organisations in other countries to expand the membership.