General rules for eligible activities to maintain your FERMA RIMAP Certification


1/ FERMA events are granting the following number of points:

  • FERMA Forum: 25 points

  • FERMA European Risk Management Seminar: 15 points


2/ For any other risk management activity, 2 points are granted for the participation in a half-day event (morning OR afternoon), and 4 points for a full-day event (morning and afternoon).


3/ In addition to participation points, 2 points per half-day event are granted for any risk management activity with a role as speaker, moderator, teacher and writer. These are called “Leadership points”.


4/ Online and informal activities are granting 1 point each.


5/ Any risk management activity within the FERMA network (FERMA events and FERMA member association’s activities) benefits from a complimentary FERMA rimap CPD license.


6/ Any risk management activity outside the FERMA network must be licensed by FERMA to be eligible for granting CPD points (e.g. FERMA Lloyd’s Professional Development Programme).