Risk mapping in CSR - could it become mandatory?

Risk mapping

Mandatory risk mapping is a central element in the new French law on the duty of corporate vigilance. It is just the latest example of a requirement by European governments for companies to align their strategy and activities, especially through their supply chains, with societal expectations for ethical corporate behavior. The session will analyse the implications of CSR risk mapping for the risk managers and the impact on “traditional” ERM risk mapping techniques. This session will allow you to:

  • Understand what type of risk mapping the regulator wants and the differences with “traditional” ERM risk mapping

  • Learn how to integrate new transparency requirements into your existing ERM risk mapping

  • Determine what it is mandatory and what it is desirable

  • Become a partner with the compliance function on risk disclosure

  • Raise the profile of the risk management function by demonstrating the value of ERM techniques for new transparency requirements.



Philippe Noirot, Orange, Risk Management Deputy Director

John Ludlow, Airmic, CEO

Alexandros Parsakevas, University of West London, Professor

Moderator: Gilbert Canameras, FERMA, Secretary General