The scientific committee, which is responsible for planning the working sessions of the FERMA Forum Risk Management Forum 2013, is making great progress with the programme. Julia Graham says: “We have had some terrific ideas from FERMA member associations for workshops and very good speakers. More are to come.”

One of this year’s innovations is a change to the traditional panel debates with more spotlight on fewer participants. The discussions will begin with the risk managers, who will throw down the challenge to the brokers and insurers to respond to the risk transfer needs of business. They will set the tone for the discussion that follows.

Four insurers will then present their views on the market in a presidential style debate. Each will make a short presentation from the podium followed by questions. Then it will be the turn of four brokers in a more traditional format.

Says Julia, “We want them to show us why it matters that we manage our risks well and how they can reward us with innovative risk finance and risk transfer solutions.”

Here are some of the sessions already scheduled:

    • The risk manager’s role in mergers, acquisition and joint ventures in emerging markets
    • Enterprise risk management: fact or fiction?
    • Social media – a risk management challenge
    • Climate change: new challenges and new approaches
    • Cyber risks – not just a domain for IT
    • How do you embed risk management as a strategic activity?
    • The impact of difference in culture on the risk manager’s role
    • Women in board rooms : a challenge for diversity
    • Challenging the market: risk manager, broker and insurer panels

Full details on the FERMA Forum 2013 website at: FERMA Forum

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