european-risk-and-insurance-reportFERMA’s first European Risk and Insurance Report, containing the results and analysis of the 7th edition of FERMA’s Risk Management Benchmarking Survey, has received a strongly positive reception from risk managers and partners alike. More than 80% of the feedback from the Seminar, where it was launched, rated it excellent or good, and the online reports have already been accessed or downloaded. Some partners have already indicated they want to support the next edition of the report and survey.

With the launch of the report, FERMA changed the presentation of the results of the survey at the Seminar so that there was more time for discussion among the delegates, and this also provided popular.

Cristina Martinez, FERMA board member and head of the survey working group, says, “We are delighted with the response to the European Risk and Insurance Report. We cover the issues that risk managers told us they want to know, and we want the results to help us raise the standards by which we, as risk managers, judge ourselves. We can use this survey to learn how others perform and then talk to our CEOs about how to grow from key differences”.

“Of course, since this is the first edition, there are refinements we will want to make in 2016. The working group will be happy to have members’ feedback.”

One idea has already come from the partners who supported the survey: “We suggest including an ‘all eyes on the news’ section dedicated to recent events likely to impact businesses over a long period. A focus on risks such as natural catastrophes, supply chain disruption, or pandemics, including scenarios, could be interesting.”

Get the reports
There are two versions of the European Risk and Insurance Report: an executive summary that risk managers can use for their own information and to inform their top management and stakeholders, and a full analysis of the survey including country-by-country results.

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Thank you to our partners
FERMA thanks its partners AXA Corporate Solutions, EY, Marsh, XL Group and Zurich for their support for the European Risk and Insurance Report.

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