Carl Leeman - IFRIMA President

Carl Leeman

FERMA board member Carl Leeman was re-elected Chairman of the International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations (IFRIMA) at the board meeting held during the RIMS conference in the United States.

Mary Roth, executive director of RIMS, was elected President and FERMA board member Jorge Luzzi is Executive Vice President.

The vice presidents are: Cristiani Alves (South America), Gilbert Canameras, President of AMRAE (EUROPE), Franck Baron (ASIA) and Gert Cruywagen (AFRICA). The treasurer is Pierre Sonigo of FERMA and Javier Mirabal is secretary general.

IFRIMA accepted into membership PARIMA, which represents the risk management community in Asia. Its chairman is Franck Baron who is a former FERMA board member.