Adapting to emerging risks is crucial for 21st century risk professionals. Continuous education of risk professionals is a top priority for the risk management associations and FERMA. This is why we developed RIMAP Certification. It offers not only a recognition of risk management skills, but also a continuous professional development (CPD) programme designed to keep European risk professionals up to date on the latest risk management trends and strategies.

FERMA aims to strengthen risk management professionalism by building an EU-wide community of rimap-certified risk professionals who share common standards and good practices. Participation in your association’s events, and FERMA’s activities (Forum, Seminar and webinars) encourages risk professionals to continuously update their knowledge and skills in collaboration with their colleagues.

There will also be the opportunity to take the rimap examination at the FERMA Seminar on 12-13 October in Antwerp.

This is what some certified risk professionals say about rimap:

  • “I see rimap as an investment, not only in my career and my future as a risk professional but also as an investment for the company I work for. It is proof to internal and external stakeholders that people who work within risk management in the company have a certain standard and knowledge of principles of risk management.” – Frederic Lycops, Risk & Insurance Advisor, FedEx Corporation (BELGIUM)
  • “There is increasing demand from risk managers to create value and that value is not limited to savings on the insurance budget. Rimap provides a vocabulary and framework so that we can be efficient in communicating our intentions and expectations.” Sebastian Bregning, Senior Risk Manager, A. P. Moller – Maersk A/S (DENMARK)
  • “Rimap certification is the next step you should take for empowering yourself and for boosting your career, so just go ahead! Rimap gives you enhanced visibility in the industry, in your country and in Europe. It is definitely a sound investment.” Cristina Gutiérrez, Risk Management Advisor, Recreativos imar – grupo famai – risktorisk – (SPAIN)

More information on eligibility, cursus and examination or application and fees.