FERMA invites you to become part of its growing online community which is already 5000 strong and growing (3033 followers on Twitter and more than 2400 members on LinkedIn).
Via its blog, Twitter, Youtube and Slideshare, FERMA regularly publishes news, insights, interviews and research. Additionally, the FERMA Risk Talk LinkedIn group provides a platform for risk managers to share their experience and expertise, exchange ideas and opinions, and look for advice, solutions and recommendations that were once out of reach.

FERMA 2014 social media strategy has two main objectives:
1. To increase FERMA’s footprint on social media in order to raise awareness of the organisation among European risk managers while encouraging the growth of a vibrant online community.
2. For the various FERMA’s online properties and channels to become the first knowledge and information hub for risk managers in Europe.

Altogether, FERMA’s online community boasts over 5 000 members and has been recognised as the best place for European risk managers to stay up to date and connected to each other. If you have not done it yet, now is the time to save the blog in your favorites, join the LinkedIn group and follow @FERMARisk on Twitter.

FERMA project assistant Christel Jaumoulle says, « If risk managers members want to get more involved, do not hesitate to submit your articles in English. All risk management content will be welcome and can be published as a blog on FERMA’s website and broadcast on FERMA’s social media channels. You’ll find some examples of articles at »

Additionally, national associations are invited to join AGERS, Airmic, AMRAE, ANRA, BELRIM, MARM and POLRISK during FERMA’s monthly communication calls when social content and ideas can be exchanged and discussed.

See you on Social!

If you have any questions or requests, please contact Christel Jaumoulle at