FERMA’s selection of recently published useful reports for risk managers.

Conference reports

    • AGERS conference report (English)

A short summary of the annual conference is available at

    • ANRA annual conference report 2014 (English)

This report includes the results of ANRA’s Observatory on Corporate Risk Managers in Italy and risk governance survey:

    • BELRIM

General assembly: report of the chairman (English) :

    • SIRM

A short summary of the annual conference (English) is available at

Human resources
Mastering the risks of human resources: the engine of development for enterprises: conference reports (French)éveloppement-pour-les-entreprises

Public sector
The Barometer of Risk Management for Local Authorities (French)
AMRAE report in association with the Association des Directeurs Généraux des Grandes Collectivités:études-en-partenariat

Risk management

    • Die Versicherungspraxis (German)

Magazine from DVS available at /broken-link/

    • Pushing the limits; managing risk in a faster, taller, bigger world (English):

The CRO Forum (Geneva Association) emerging risks initiative

    • Wharton School of Business Risk Management Review 2014

This report is produced by the Risk Management and Decision Processes Center at the Wharton School, Univ. of Penn-sylvania. (English)

Terrorism and political risk
Airmic has created this new resource to collate information from external sources to help companies manage risks asso-ciated with terrorism and political violence. (English)

Workplace safety
Documents from EU OHSA seminar on psychosocial risks in Europe (English) – FERMA’s partnership campaign