Since I have been with FERMA, I have never experienced such an active and committed board where each member is enthusiastic about his or her project: Cristina Martinez on the benchmarking survey, Michel Dennery on the Seminar, Igor Mikhaylov on the certification, Peter den Dekker on the Forum, Arnout van der Veer on finance and Julia Graham on ISO 31000 and 31004.

Jorge Luzzi is juggling with his agenda to participate and speak at major conferences all over the world to spread the good word (Kazakhstan, Montenegro…). He is also is the first president to visit the European Parliament. The team is also proud that Marie Gemma Dequae has been appointed as a board member of the Belgian bank and insurance company Belfius and Scientific Advisor at FERMA. I hope Belfius is as proud to have her at FERMA as we are at FERMA to have her at Belfius.

I am pleased that we have a large auditorium at the Versailles Congress Centre for the Seminar in October. Based on the success of the Seminar badges that we distributed at the annual Rencontres de l’AMRAE, it seems that every French risk manager is planning to attend!

Florence Bindelle
Executive Manager