Imagine you find yourself in the lift for 90 seconds with a senior executive who wants to know your view on mergers and acquisitions, trade embargoes or the latest travel risks to West Africa.

You’ll want to be able to give at least a simple answer and a promise to follow up. Today’s risk managers need to be well informed business people with an awareness of many topics, including ones that are outside their current responsibilities.

FERMA offers the opportunity through the various events we organise to expand your knowledge. In June, for example, our joint conference with the insurance law association AIDA-Europe will include the sensitive topics of trade embargoes and the insurance implications. It’s an important subject not just for transport companies but also producers and distributors of products which could be diverted to the wrong countries.

During the 2013 FERMA Forum, you will find some new topics such as mergers and acquisitions in emerging markets and international travel issues on the programme, along with familiar, important subjects including enterprise risk management and risk mapping.

I challenge members to attend a FERMA session on an unexpected topic. Come to Paris for the FERMA-AIDA event, and come to the Forum. You never know when the opportunity will arise to show your understanding of the business as a whole.

Florence Bindelle, Executive Manager

Florence Bindelle, Executive Manager