FERMA’s General Secretary Pierre Sonigo remembers well the first Rencontres or annual encounters of the new French association AMRAE. First, because he was then president of one of the two French risk management organisations which were engaged to marry and form this new organisation, and second, he suggested the name.


There were about 180 people at that meeting in Bordeaux in the winter of 1992. In February 2012, AMRAE held its 20th Rencontres and attracted a record attendance of 1,985 to the seaside resort of Deauville. Among those taking part were all the AMRAE presidents for the last 20 years.

Gilbert Canameras, the new AMRAE President wanted the Rencontres to become increasingly international. An impressive plenary session held in English (a first at the Rencontres!), included Evan Greenberg, Chairman and CEO of ACE, Greg Case, President and CEO of Aon Corp., Axel Theis Chairman of Allianz GCS and Christian Hinsch Chairman of HDI Gerling.

“It was a milestone, with a good mix of nostalgia and thought provoking ideas for the future” comments Pierre.

Pierre Sonigo

Pierre Sonigo