Businesses in the same industry face many of the same risks, wherever they are. In Stockholm, their risk managers will have the opportunity to sit down together and discuss their common interests, including their insurance programmes, at roundtables on Tuesday 4 October from 9.00 to 10.15.


The specific sectors will depend on the risk managers who enrol, but are most likely to include retail, construction, financial services, industry, energy and telecoms, according to session leader Alessandro De Felice, Group Risk Manager for Prysmian, a high-technology cables and systems group.  

Alessandro de Felice, Group Risk Manager, Prysmian

Alessandro de Felice, Group Risk Manager, Prysmian

In the first half of the session, the risk managers will identify their main insurance issues and in the second half, they will be able to put questions to leading commercial insurers who are attending the Forum as sponsors.

“The idea is to see if we get good feedback from this initiative to give to FERMA on whether we should have industry groups on a permanent basis, something like those in existence in the various national associations, but between countries. It could be a very interesting way for members to keep in contact and share ideas,” explains De Felice.

Pre-registration is required for the industry group session when registering for the Forum online.