We interviewed Peter right after the end of Day 1. Presented here are his feelings about the day. In his own words and with a big smile he started with saying “It was great!”

“Wow! What an amazing start to the 2011 FERMA Forum. Tectonic shift isn’t an expression I think of when it comes to financial services, but when we heard it from our opening speaker, Dr Josef Ackermann, the head of Deutsche Bank, it told us just how big the changes in financial services, especially in banking, really are. It was great for FERMA members to get an in-depth discussion from someone at this level.

At the same time, it was pretty sobering stuff, so my next highlight of the day was the second keynote speech. Magnus Lindkvist, our trendspotter, used the great title, Attack of the Unexpected, for his talk. His enthusiasm renewed our optimism for tackling future risks. I really liked his idea that we should become chief imaginary officers.

During the breaks, I had a great time introducing four of the product pitches. This is where we give service and product providers the chance to present their new ideas to risk managers – in no more than three minutes. The individuals who did the pitches had to do it in front of their bosses, as well as the FERMA members. That was courageous. And they stuck to the
time limit. I think the companies really did respond to our challenge to them to innovate. Lots of risk managers came and voted for their
favourite. More on Tuesday.

The evening took us to some wonderful receptions in amazing venues, such as the Grand Hotel and Stockholm City Hall. For me one of the highlights of the day and certainly the tallest, was to talk to one of my sporting heroes, the goalkeeper, Edwin van der Sar. It was just great for a fellow Dutchman, but not just that. He is a real sportsman and a gentleman.”

Stay put for Peter’s highlights of Day 2 tonight.