The FERMA Forum 2013 is now just 10 months away! Registration for platinum sponsors opened on 27 November and registration for gold and silver sponsors starts a week later on 4 December.

The list of sponsorship possibilities has been greatly expanded. In addition to the traditional opportunities, sponsors will have many new ways to display their brand, including floor signage, auditorium chairs, Forum t-shirts, plants, pre-registration emails and the massage stations. As the final item says, “Reach out and touch attendees with this feel good sponsorship.”

And because this is the Netherlands, there is also a bike sponsorship option. For more ideas, see the sponsorship brochure

According to FERMA executive manager Florence Bindelle, there is already more interest in participation than any previous Forum. More than 40 people, including potential sponsors, attended a site visit to Maastricht in October.

The Forum Committee will hold its next meeting on 6 December. It has selected three work streams for the 15 workshops: inspire, educate and influence. The overall theme, continuing from the Seminar, is Living and working in a riskier world.

FERMA Forum 2013