Built on the results of 3 surveys, AMRAE’s RMIS Panorama 2020, in partnership with EY, combines the vision of RMIS vendors, Risk Managers and, for the first time, the perception of insurers and brokers. This 12th edition offers, in addition to the international market analysis published in 2019 (based on a survey gathering the feedback of 570 Risk managers from 36 countries), new exclusive content as well as 53 vendor detailed datasheets.

New exclusive content:

– Feedback from of 46 representatives of insurers and brokers on their perception of RMIS.

– 11 testimonials from Risk managers and an expert opinion.

– A new section “Vendors facing the Covid-19 crisis”.

– Focus on innovation: AI to exploit “Data Lake”, the Chatbot as part of the first line of risk control, …

AMRAE’s RMIS (Risk Management Information Systems) Panorama 2020 

Download the PDF version here