The FERMA rimap Body of Knowledge represents a comprehensive reference list of risk management topics that can emerge during the career of a risk professional

Cover FERMA rimap Body of KnowledgeWritten by a team of European experienced risk managers, it brings together as much relevant knowledge for professional development as possible in one place, regardless of whether it is included in existing standards or not. Its purpose is to define the academic and professional knowledge that candidates, organisations and individuals must demonstrate to receive the FERMA rimap® status.

The Body of knowledge was developed by a team of seven people, representing different national associations. Their experience and expertise enabled a wide variety of opinions and perspectives to be captured. The goal has been to ensure that the content is as representative and relevant as possible.

The purpose of the FERMA rimap® certification is to define the knowledge-base that risk managers need to be familiar with in order to do their jobs, and to enable them to attain this knowledge in a structured way. The certification programme defines the knowledge that candidates require to obtain the certification.

The Body of knowledge is comprised of seven blocks. Each of these blocks describes the knowledge candidates are required to demonstrate, beginning with the most general information and progressing to the most specific level. This progression from general to specific is broken down into blocks, topics and chapters.