Application and fees

How do I apply? 

  1. Go to and click on Apply Now
  2. Enroll in the certification and pay the enrollment.
  3. Once your application and payment have been confirmed, our certification partner LHWC will contact you for enrollment with your credentials to access the certification platform, which will allow you to:
    • Access learning materials and practice questions
    • Choose your examination date
    • Upload your documents in your personal area necessary for certification (ID and CV), renewal, and upgrades
    • Take the mock exam and/or the exam
    • Download your certificates when obtained and manage all the renewals and upgrades

Application fees (All prices are exclusive of VAT)

FERMA Member (1) Non-FERMA Member (2)
FERMA Certification €300 €450
Retaking an exam €200 €350
FERMA renewal €150 €250

Note : FERMA is a non-profit organisation

  1. FERMA member fee applies to risk managers belonging to one of the 22 FERMA member associations.
  2. Find the closest FERMA member risk management association at

Certification General Conditions

Risk Manager Certification Regulations FERMA website