Examination details

What do I need to study?

Four sets of learning material developed by FERMA’s team of risk experts are available online following enrollment.

FERMA has developed a series of four modules to help the candidate study the first four blocks of the Body of Knowledge.

The four modules are :

What can I expect for my examination date?

  • 2-hour online exam with 100 questions
  • Technical requirements: computer, internet connection, 3 hours continuous availability without disruption
  • On the day of the examination, real time technical support in English, one hour before the beginning of the examination and during the entire duration of the examination
  • Exam results are automated through the computer system. The candidate will be notified within a week of their result by the FERMA LHWC team.

More information about our general terms and conditions may be found here

Examination dates

Certification online exams are held monthly from 10 to 12 am CET (Central European Time, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Milan). Please make sure to log in 30 minutes before to check your connectivity and solve any potential technical issue.  An ID will be required at the time of the exam by our supervisor.

Exam dates for 2024:

  • Thursday, 15 February 2024
  • Thursday, 14 March 2024
  • Thursday, 18 April 2024
  • Thursday 16 May 2024
  • Thursday, 27 June 2024
  • Thursday, 18 July 2024
  • Thursday, 22 August 2024
  • Thursday, 19 September 2024
  • October, during FERMA Forum 2024 Madrid
  • Thursday, 21 November 2024
  • Thursday, 19 December 2024