Recertification and learning path

The future of work is the future of lifelong learning – Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative

The FERMA rimap dynamic learning path proposes an examination as a starting point.

Once certified, it is important that risk professionals stay up to date but also increase their knowledge with tailor-made activities.

This is what we propose with the FERMA rimap recertification: enhance your knowledge, skills, performance and relationships and give a value to the professional development activities you are attending.

The FERMA rimap recertification is based on a CPD system

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development:

  • Continuous because it consists of participating to eligible activities and collect 50 points over a 3 years period to maintain your FERMA rimap certification level
  • Professional because it all starts with a recognized European risk management certification for the risk professionals
  • Development because it provides value to your professional development activities by recording and tracking them throughout your career

The FERMA rimap recertification is mandatory to maintain your rimap alumni status and allow you to follow the dynamic learning path:

  • Record your professional development activities and keep track of CPD points at the FERMA Rimap Platform: Record CPD Points RIMAP
  • Renew your certificate every 3 years by inserting your professional development activities on our online platform
  • Stay informed of the CPD licensed local risk management events near you by looking at our FERMA Network CPD Points Events Calendar 2024 part of our website
  • Participate to online professional development activities (such as webinars)

How do I accumulate my 50 points in three years and maintain certification?

To best fit your busy agenda, FERMA created a feasible CPD system based on 3 types of activities to allow you to maintain your FERMA rimap certification.

FERMA Forum and Seminar, national association’s events and meetings and CPD licensed partner events are multiple occasions to collect CPD points.

Through participation in conferences, scientific meetings and courses organised by FERMA, its members, other associations and the partners.

Starting from January 1, 2022, the certificates will be valid for 3 years from the date of passing the exam.  All Rimap certificates issued up to 31 December 2021 will be valid until 1 January 2025, on this date they will expire. For all new certificates, the validity will be based on the date of issue.

Upon expiry of their validity the certificates can be renewed by:

  • submit a specific renewal request to FERMA’s certification partner (LHWC) using the online form provided and sending the necessary documentation in addition to the requested declaration
  • have fulfilled the requirements of the continuous education system in the 3 previous years
  • have paid the renewal fee as per published rates
  • not renewed certificates will be removed from our directory

Which activities are eligible for my CPD points?

For more information please read the following document: FERMA rimap CPD eligible activities

  • General Rules
  • Category 1: Participation Points
  • Category 2: Leadership Points
  • Category 3: Online and Informal Activities