RIMAP Community

Frederic Lycops, Risk & Insurance Advisor, FedEx Corporation – BELGIUM

The exam sets rimap holders apart from other individuals in a highly competitive area within risk management. It is truly independent verification of your knowledge and experience in risk management. The price of the certification is very reasonable, especially compared to similar certifications in other industries. In my opinion, the long-term benefits of the RIMAP certification definitely outweigh the cost.

”I see rimap as an investment, not only in my career and my future as a risk professional but also as an investment for the company I work for. It is proof to internal and external stakeholders that people who work within risk management in the company have a certain standard and knowledge of principles of risk management.”



Georgi Aleksov, Senior Risk Consultant, Marsh EOOD – BULGARIA

Especially for Bulgaria, I found Rimap certification as very important to show that the risk management is not ‘art and magic’, but scientifically based, and intended to deliver the well-being of any organisation. BRiMA become a FERMA member in August 2015 and Rimap was launched two months later at the 2015 Forum in Venice. In May 2016 BRiMA officially announced Rimap at our conference in Sofia.

In my opinion the Rimap exam questions reflect all everyday risk management issues. My current position is related mainly to consultancy, but the topics focused in Rimap can be found in each company I visit to do my job. The learning materials were very appropriate. I am mainly self-taught and receiving well-structured materials, following risk management logic, assisted me in bringing together the many data I’ve gathered through the years. Everything fell into place!

 “To any colleague considering taking Rimap certification, I would say: Go ahead! Rimap is going to be recognised as a professional certification all over the world.”



Nataliya Todorova, Head of Insurance, Save the Children International – UNITED KINGDOM

Nataliya Todorova was one of the first risk managers to take the Rimap examination.

For me, the examination was a good mixture of what I knew from my working life and experience and the type of things that the risk managers should know, especially definitions. Because of this, I didn’t find the preparation too demanding, although I do admit to doing some reading at 5 am just ahead of the exam. The learning materials were easy to access, and it is important to read them carefully, because they relate very specifically to the exam questions. What I found helpful was the quite heavy emphasis on risk management versus insurance, as risk management is the area I wanted to develop.

 “Embrace the challenge and test your knowledge.”

“The examination is especially valuable for risk managers who do not have other formal qualifications in risk management because it takes their experience into account.”



Roberto d’Ambrosio, CEO, Alpari Research & Analysis – MALTA

Since I am a senior manager, a comprehensive risk management methodology and all the related frameworks are very important to me in order to build a risk aware environment within the organisation, from a corporate governance level down to a single risk assessment with all the individuals involved in a kind of two-way communication. From the board to operation and vice versa, it is a kind of philosophy that should permeate the whole organisation.

In Malta, which has a thriving financial and insurance sector, it is important to set a landmark in Europe with a reliable, reputable way to certify risk manager within every organisation. But the skills required are the same across all industries.

“Certification from a European body is important everywhere around Europe.”

“Taking the rimap certification is a challenge but the rewards are worth it.”



Sebastian Bregning, Senior Risk Manager, A. P. Moller – Maersk A/S – DENMARK

I was part of a group at DARIM that decided that we should support rimap by taking the exam in Denmark within DARIM’s association, because we believe that there should be a minimum unified standard for risk management. We did both group and individual study, and I am pleased that we generally managed to predict the sort of questions that would be asked. As my job is partly enterprise risk management and partly insurance, the blend of the exam questions suited my working environment, and I found the learning materials appropriate preparation. For the future, I would like a little more on tools that we can use to perform analyses in different situations. If the insurance market terms and conditions eventually harden, insurance buyers will need a risk management tool box so they can still reduce the total cost of risk to their company.

 “Overall, rimap is very relevant and valuable because it gives risk managers a common reference point when we talk to each other and even with people in the insurance industry. It is a good benchmark from which to drive the risk management agenda across the organisation and industry.” 

“There is increasing demand from risk managers to create value and that value is not limited to savings on the insurance budget. Rimap provides a vocabulary and framework so that we can be efficient in communicating our intentions and expectations.” 



Cristina Gutiérrez, Risk Management Advisor, Recreativos imar – grupo famai – risktorisk – SPAIN

I think that rimap absolutely responds to the needs of the risk manager. To me, the questions fully take into consideration the risk management environment, providing a substantially complete landscape on the risk management profession. Having this certificate means more recognition from my fellow colleagues.

It is also an incentive to expand my training into more areas, and study more. According to my personal philosophy, all risk managers should have permanent ongoing and lifelong learning. If you want to perform properly as a risk manager you need to continue your training, forever! I took this rimap course as part of such a task. It is just an extra effort in the permanent search for knowledge that all risk managers should have.

“Rimap certification adds value for any risk professional; this is especially true for young people who want to begin a career as risk managers.”

“Rimap adds passion and a better understanding of how wonderful this activity of risk management is.”

“Rimap certification is the next step you should take for empowering yourself and for boosting your career, so just go ahead! Rimap gives you enhanced visibility in the industry, in your country and in Europe. It is definitely a sound investment.”