Am I eligible?

No eligibility criteria are required to pass the Rimap certification, you may apply at any time.  However we will ask you to provide us with your education level as well as a the number of years of experience in Risk Management.

Master’s degree or equivalent:

The name of the degree may vary from country to country (diploma, postgraduate…) but it will
be a post-graduate academic degree.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent:
It is understood as an undergraduate post-secondary education and before the postgraduate education.

To calculate the number of years of experience, you need to take into account:
– The number of years of experience in a full-time Risk Management position
– Risk Management includes related fields such as insurance, law, audit / finance, health and safety and business continuity
– 1 year of experience represents the equivalent of 12 full-time months


Certification Levels

Candidates who have passed the exam successfully will be granted with the Rimap certification:

  • Academic level, for theoretical knowledge in risk management (students or no effective experience in risk management)
  • Professional level, for practical knowledge in risk management with a minimum of 3 years experience in the field

In order to upgrade your certification from Academic level to Professional level you will have to provide FERMA with objective evidence of your employment in risk management.